Black History Activities 2013

English: Mrs. Evans' Projects

James C., a sophomore at Kellam High School, competes on the Forensics Public Speaking Team in the category of Humorous Interpretation. This category requires that the student memorize the script and to interpret the piece using only their body, face, and voice. They must pantomime all props. This is his first year on the team, and he performs a segment from Rolin Jones’ 2006 short comedy, “Chronicles Simpkins.” In this excerpt, Chronicles is the undisputed tetherball champion of recess, lunch, and after school. She rules the tetherball court at her school, Woodland Avenue, with her side-kick Ray-Ray by her side to cheer her on. What will happen when a new challenger, Billy Cone, dares to enter her tetherball court of pain? Watch and find out.

About the author: Rolin Jones is a writer, playwright, and producer. He worked as a writer and producer for Showtime’s award winning series, Weeds, and for the NBC award winning drama, Friday Night Lights. His short play featured here can be found in Great Short Comedies, Volume 6, by Playscripts Inc.

Interpretation 1

Kyana W, a sophomore, competes in the category of Prose Interpretation on the Kellam High School Forensics Public Speaking Team. The category of prose requires that the speaker hold a binder with the script in front of them as they interpret the selection, although they are only required to glance at it from time-to-time during their presentation. Kyana chose to perform a chapter from Tyler Perry’s first novel, Don’t Make a Black Woman Take off her Earrings: Medea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life which reached number one on the NY Times best seller list in 2006 where it remained for 12 weeks. The book was voted the Best Humor Book of the Year at the 2006 Quill Awards. Kyana performs the chapter entitled, “Peace in the House.” How does Medea find and maintain peace in her house? Her methods are quite interesting, as you will see when you watch Kyana’s prose interpretation.

Interpretation 2

Tchelsea J, a junior, competes in the category of Poetry Interpretation. Like prose, students who compete in this category are required to hold a binder and glance at their poems during their presentation. Tchelsea, who has been playing basketball since she was in elementary school and currently plays on the Kellam Varsity Girls Basketball Team, chose several poems to interpret from Mel Glenn’s 1997 free prose book of poems entitled, Jump Ball: A Basketball Season in Poems. Glenn is a teacher and writer in California. If you have ever been on a sports team or are a fan of basketball, you will certainly enjoy Tchelsea’s interpretation of Jumpball.

Interpretation 3

Technology: GoAnimate projects

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Special Education: Mrs. Morgan's Project
Technology: PicCollage w/movie creator
Objective: After listening to a lecture in class, special education students used PicCollage to construct a digital coloring book.