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It is official: February 2013, the month of love has arrived.

February is the month when some of us celebrate Valentine’s Day by the giving of candy, flowers, and much more. It is also the time when American citizens observe Black History Month. Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the role of African Americans in U.S. history. Finally, February is the month when we celebrate diversity and culture of all people. Please join us. Contact email

Sept 2012-2013

"Wow!" It was an exciting month for February celebrations and technology integration. This year, we completed activities using mobile technologies. Students completed digital greeting cards for favorite characters in the novel 'Animal Farm'. Math students researched famous mathematicians and then created hand-crafted heart-shaped cards. We created a montage display in the 100 hallway of the school to showcase their work. As part of this year's Spirit Week celebrations, classes participated in a Valentine's Day door decoration contest. We then created a digital showcase to share with international friends. Spanish students used iPad technologies to create Valentine's Celebration in their target language. French students also practiced their target language. They created heart-shaped cards and then wrote Valentine's messages in French.

The highlight of this year's Valentine's Day celebrations included Twitter. For the first time, we engaged students with social media. Math students tweeted memoirs for the mathematician they had researched, and English grade 9 students participated in Angela Maier's #YouMatter campaign. They created tweets to express how much their selected person matters to them.

We also completed several activities to honor and celebrate contributions made by Black Americans. Video links to three of the students, who compete on the Forensics Public Speaking Team, interpretations are on display here. Special Education students created a digital coloring book on some prominent Black Americans. English students are currently researching historical black figures. Their works will available soon.

To close the month of love celebrations, we participated in a second Techno-Knights' global project. Kellam's Kollectibles project, sponsored by Dr. Gracia Milo and the Gaming Club. The project's goal was to collect as many soft hug-gable toys as possible to share with orphan children residing in Philippine orphanages and "street kids." #YouMatter to us! Final total: 192!

Children received hug-gable toys.

Sept 2011-2012
This year, we completed our first Techno-Knights' global humanitarian project, Pennies for Peace, in the month of February. The project's goal is to help children in Pakistan and Afghanistan have access to education where it has never existed. To learn more about the Pennies for Peace project and how you can participate, please visit . Click the Hands That Touch the Heart links to read how we made a positive impact on a global scale, one penny at a time.

Additionally, we celebrated the month of love by exchanging Valentine's greetings with thirty-seven schools worldwide. Our contribution included 700 hand-crafted greeting cards, 210 bookmarks, and more. We also shared two Black History Month activities with students in Uganda, created Japanese Haiku poems for epals from Japan, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland, and Croatia; and participated in a geometry Chinese Tangram challenge with math pals in New York, Texas, and California.

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